Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Covers

I believe a book cover should be a reflection of the story inside, so, yes, I do judge books by the covers. Sometimes that works for me and sometimes it doesn't. I don't decide to buy a book just because the beautifully designed cover has drawn me to it. I read the synopsis and if it interests me, then I buy the book. Well, not always right away. I still have so many books saved in my Amazon cart.

Some covers have been deceiving; a book that's nice on the outside but inside there's lots of profanity and other content I didn't expect or care to read. I do not like it when the cover misrepresents the content. There have also been times when the story wasn't what I thought it would be, even after reading the synopsis. I buy most books from Amazon, but I also buy books from Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. From now on no matter where I shop, I'm going to have to 'search inside the book' to be sure it's one I really want to spend my money on.

The cover image in the corner is one that immediately caught my eye, and some others are: Sellout (Hardcover) by Ebony Joy Wilkins, Stars in the Night (Softcover) by Cara C. Putman, A Girl Named Mister (Hardcover) by Nikki Grimes, Hot Girl by Dream Jordan, Black Tuesday (Hardcover) by Susan Colebank, Saving Maddie (Hardcover) by Varian Johnson, Be Careful What You Pray For (Hardcover) by Kimberla Lawson Roby, After (Hardcover) by Amy Efaw, and Night Road (Hardcover) by Kristin Hannah.

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