Sunday, September 18, 2016


Sentences don't always flow smoothly from my brain to my mouth
But all is well when putting words down on paper
I'd like to be comfortable socializing with others
But something makes me pull away
Is this learned behavior
Or was I born this way

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Recovery Road

Recovery Road is a new television series on abcfamily (soon to be called Freeform) based on the YA novel by Blake Nelson. After arriving at school with a high blood alcohol level, Maddie Graham (Jessica Sula) must spend ninety days at Springtime Meadows, a residential out-patient treatment facility. Thinking no phone and a curfew will be a problem, Maddie, who is in denial about her addiction, will learn that there are bigger challenges ahead.

I watched the first three episodes On Demand. I have seen all characters in present day and some in flashbacks, which made the show more interesting. I realize that Maddie is the main focus and I care about this character, but I'm hoping to be filled in on Trish Collins' (Kyla Pratt) backstory. I want to know all she's been through. She's perky and likable. I really want to see this girl accomplish the one important goal she talks about. Yes, I have found my favorite character.

The show is tackling serious issues. All of the residents of Springtime Meadows are dealing with more than alcohol and drug addiction. I plan on watching every episode to see how all of their lives turn out.