Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Recovery Road

Recovery Road is a new television series on abcfamily (soon to be called Freeform) based on the YA novel by Blake Nelson. After arriving at school with a high blood alcohol level, Maddie Graham (Jessica Sula) must spend ninety days at Springtime Meadows, a residential out-patient treatment facility. Thinking no phone and a curfew will be a problem, Maddie, who is in denial about her addiction, will learn that there are bigger challenges ahead.

I watched the first three episodes On Demand. I have seen all characters in present day and some in flashbacks, which made the show more interesting. I realize that Maddie is the main focus and I care about this character, but I'm hoping to be filled in on Trish Collins' (Kyla Pratt) backstory. I want to know all she's been through. She's perky and likable. I really want to see this girl accomplish the one important goal she talks about. Yes, I have found my favorite character.

The show is tackling serious issues. All of the residents of Springtime Meadows are dealing with more than alcohol and drug addiction. I plan on watching every episode to see how all of their lives turn out.

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