Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Too Much Profanity In Some Young Adult Fiction

I like to read YA Fiction. Some of the stories have way too much profanity, even more these days than I've noticed before. So much that maybe there should be a rating on the cover. The F-Bomb. I don't like to hear it. I don't like to see it. It seems to me these authors are using this vulgar word and others as fillers. Or maybe they think profanity makes the story more believable? I know there are teens who use bad language, but how about this - don't include it, showing readers there is a better way of communicating.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Morning Thoughts

Why care so much about appearances
Inside is what matters most
She can't afford expensive clothes
But she has a heart of gold
Beautiful landscaping, house painted just right, a decorative knocker on a pretty red door
But there's lots of fussin' and fightin' in the place, nobody getting along, not one happy face
It's good to look our best,  not keeping things in such a mess
But why care too much about the outside
When what's inside needs to be fixed