Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Novel Is Also For Parents, Not Just Teens

Just the other day I read Kendra by Coe Booth. This book taught me something I didn't know about the choices some young people are making when it comes to sex. As I read this painfully honest story, I was reminded of how my novel doesn't even touch on half of what teenagers are doing today. (Feel free to read the review I posted on But mostly I thought about how important it is to make sure novels like mine - those that tackle the issue of teen sex - are available not just for teens to read but for their parents, because they really should be aware of the level of sexual activity among young people today.
So okay, I've said this before, but I feel the need to say it again. I wrote the first draft of Choices quite a while back. I was regretting choices I had made, so I wanted to write a story that would not only entertain young people but, hopefully, would motivate them to make better choices when it comes to sex. Like Angel, there are teenage girls allowing themselves to be used because they're so desperate for affection. Like LaKeeta, there are girls getting pregnant on purpose to have someone to love. Like Shauntice, there are girls who are sure they will not have sex until the wedding day, but stuff happens and... well, sometimes things are easier said than done. Like Hope, there are girls who are hurting and then there's a momentary lapse of reason and things get all messed up. If you're a teenage girl who can identify with one of these character's, then Choices was written especially for you.
Now Bridgette, she kinda gets on everybody's nerves with her judgmental self and I'd never want any girl to treat her friends the way Bridgette treats hers. But she does feel very strongly about abstaining from sex. She loves herself, knows what she wants and she is not going to let anyone compromise what she believes. So, honestly, if you don't identify with Bridgette's beliefs when you open the book, it is my deepest wish that you will at least be thinking more about abstaining from premarital sex by the time you finish the story. What can I say? I'm a child of God and He wants me to use my talents for His glory. If I can bring positive change to the lives of the Angels, LaKeetas, Hopes, and even the Shauntices of this world, then my writing has not been in vain.
To everyone who has purchased a copy of my young adult novel, thanks so very much for your support. I haven't heard many thoughts about the story, though, and I'd really like to. So whether you're a teen or a parent, whether it's positive feedback or constructive criticism, if you've read Choices please feel free to comment.

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