Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye Michael

On the day Michael Jackson died the text messages on my phone just kept coming. I cried a bit; yes, I did. This man was so gifted, so unique, so special. And the way he was attacked by so many people when he was alive, that was so sad to me. And now I turn on the television and I see the media talking about his will and his debt and his skin color; whatever they can think of to keep the controversy going. The man is gone, people. He is dead. His family will never see him on this earth again. The world will never see him on stage again, moving in his unique way and singing the songs he wrote. Although there are a lot of good music artists out there, I don't believe anyone will ever be able to take the place of the King of Pop. I am so sorry he's gone and my prayers go out to his family.

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